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The Weekend-Part 2

October 30th, 2006 at 09:50 am

I caved into DH's begging to spend. He was really just fed up with not being able to have any money to blow. Spending money is like an addiction around here, I think. Anyway, DH came home with DS late Sunday morning to come and get me and DD and go back over to FIL's house. Told DH that I wanted to make a quick trip out to WalMart to pick up some travel toiletry bottles. DH started begging for food (DS had already been begging for a little while). FIL evidently had little in the house (I doubt that, though, more like little ready made) so they ate toast for breakfast. DH suggested that we pick up some fast food on the way out to FIL's house and I eventually caved thinking we could run through the MikkyD's and spend $10 on the dollar menu. DH said KFC had some good deals so we went there. He grabbed a fifty out of the money bag and went into the store. I would have made sure that he got a smaller bill, but we didn't have one in there for him to take. He walked out with $30 worth of food. I was so angry! He said that he was going to work extra hard with his side jobs to make sure that we would have enough. He also asked me if I wanted him to give FIL money sitting in Paypal so I would have cash on hand. That money is going to the bank, so we can eventually get an open and active account again!
Anyways, here's a run down of the spending spree this weekend:
Clearance toy at WalMart (for DD's upcoming birthday)-$20
Smokes-$9 (got 3 packs instead of 2)
Toiletry bottles-$4.50

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