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Cooking Day

October 22nd, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Started out the day in a bad way this morning. DS woke up early and he snuck around the house to find something to do since his window is locked up now. He found a pair of sissors and decided to cut his and DD's hair. We ended up having to shave his head. DD well, I could shave it, half of it is already cut down that far, LOL. I figure I'll just let it keep growing out. I did trim the obvious long parts of the mess off though. Kids will be kids.
The inlaws came over for lunch instead of diner, so heavy cooking plans were put on a little hold. We discussed how many times kids gave eachother and selves hair cuts while growing up, it was hilarious! After they left, I made two extra meals to freeze; cooked a whole chicken and deboned it, split the meat in half and froze it for later meals. I also baked a batch of blueberry muffins and three dozen chocolate chip cookies.
I'm going to do a mini-loaf bread baking marathon tomorrow. I figure I might as well start as early as I can on the Christmas baking. I like making the mini-loaves because I are still giving a gift, but I can make 2 in one batch. It goes a little quicker, too. With being able to fit more pans in the oven and all. For family I make full sized loaves. When I bake I put in 2 minis and 1 full sized and come out with three gifts at a time. I could put in more, maybe, but that's all the pans I have. I am wondering what the best way to wrap them up for the freezer is, last year I didn't have very good luck with it and some of my bread went bad. I think my problem was maybe that I over-wrapped them. I'm not sure. I just don't want to start baking them till I know how I need to wrap them so I don't end up with bad bread again.
I also have to cut up potatos to freeze. I think they might start going bad if I don't. They tend to go bad pretty quick after I buy them for some reason.

1 Responses to “Cooking Day”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Be sure you let whatever you bake come to room temperature before you wrap it up so that you aren't steaming it.

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